Book Review: Autism & Varma Therapy: A Parent’s Guide

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Book Review: Autism & Varma Therapy: A Parent’s Guide

November 11, 2020

Book Review: Autism & Varma Therapy: A Parent’s Guide

Autism & Varma Therapy: A Parent’s Guide 

by Sri Pranaji

Persatuan Siddha Varma Kalai Publishers; Kuala Lampur, Malaysia (1st edition, 2014, 71pp.)

This pictorial self-help guide has been written to allow parents, children and the wider community to utilize the therapeutic benefits of Varma (aka Marma) Therapy. This traditional therapy hails from the ancient Indian Siddha Medical System, a close relative of some say the inspiration for Ayurveda.

The author, a siddha yogi from a very ancient tradition, has used his deep knowledge of the human nervous system and brain functioning to develop a unique method to help children with Autism using simple technique based on yogic principles. Sri Pranaji is the Founder and Director of the Siddha Applied Science Institute (SASI), an organization he founded to promote the ancient science of Siddha Vaidyam in a way applicable to the modern world. 

Varma, or marma, therapy involves the activation, through gentle massage, of certain energetic vital points (varma) found on and in the body. This massage influences the body’s subtle energetic system and works to restore normal balance and healthy function to the area being treated. The Varma Therapy taught in this book uses specifically selected varma points that, when balanced, restore healthy electrochemical function in the brain and central nervous system of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

This book provides a simple guide to daily Varma Therapy massage techniques. Parents can safely and effectively give this easy to learn, non-invasive, therapy to their child at home. The practical techniques described in this book are highly empowering and effective. The book is a must read for parents, Physical Therapists, Ayurvedic Practitioners, and any person who has the heart to help these special children. 

Review provided by William Courson, BVSA, D. Ayur., an Ayurvedic Practitioner, faculty member and the College Dean of Institutional Development at Sai Ayurvedic College & Ayurvedic Wellness Center.


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