Book Review: Ayurveda for the Yoga Soul

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Book Review: Ayurveda for the Yoga Soul

February 2, 2021

Book Review: Ayurveda for the Yoga Soul

By Sonia Welch (Yogamoo TM, 2014) 

 Ayurveda has become a subject of renewed interest over past years, especially for students and teachers of yoga, Ayurveda’s “sister science.” 

Author Sonia Welch is a British yoga practitioner and teacher and Ayurvedic nutritionist and therapist. 

 Ayurveda for the Yoga Soul is given in a formulaic workbook style, with exercises for the reader to complete interspersed throughout, that allows the readers to master, step-by-step, each area of Ayurveda as it pertains to their ‘off the mat yoga practice’.

The book shares with its readers how to view the world and their bodies through the eyes of this most ancient of healing arts, using the language and the conceptual framework of Ayurveda (there is a very helpful and very clear discussion of the gurvadi gunas therein, which is a huge help in understanding Ayurveda’s basics).

The book is arranged into four sections comprised of seven chapters: beginning with a discussion of Ayurveda’s nomenclature and foundational concepts, and continuing with the mechanics of karma, its accrual and its extinguishment, and with practical elucidations of how Ayurveda can be used to construct one’s own customized, at-home health care plan, and details some Ayurvedic approaches to commonly-encountered health problems. The book ends with a well-thought out Sanskrit-English lexicon that is a real help to those not at a level of comfort with the language.

Detailed information is imparted on the means utilized by Ayurveda to assess the conditions that may be causing an imbalance or those that would create optimum health in the body. Reading this engagingly written, very well-organized and easy to follow book and completing its exercises will teach the reader how to create their own individualized health care plan using the principles of Ayurveda. Indeed, one can use this work over the long term to create an optimal level of health in all ages, seasons and circumstances.

This is one book that I intend to recommend to all of my clients.

Review provided by William Courson, BVSA, D. Ayur., an Ayurvedic Practitioner, faculty member and the College Dean of Institutional Development at Sai Ayurvedic College & Ayurvedic Wellness Center.


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