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Book Review: Ayurveda in Urban Living

December 02, 2020

Book Review: Ayurveda in Urban Living

By Joanna Stroud & Anita Thompkins
Seaboard Press (Rockville, Maryland) 2008

Ayurveda in Urban Living is a little book (a mere 57 pages) that conveys a vast amount of information for its size. The book presents its reader with a weight-reduction program that goes beyond Western conceptions of appropriate diet and exercise by incorporating the ancient principles of "Ayurveda" into the equation. In Ayurveda’s conception the notion of "one size fits all:" simply does not apply to human physiology, and consequently the book deals with approaches to weight loss that are highly individualized and tailor-made to the unique needs and vulnerabilities of the individual.

Ayurveda in Urban life: Then Ultimate Weight Loss Guide is intended to demonstrate how health practitioners (among others) can use powerful Ayurvedic principles to help individuals move to a more natural process of weight re-balancing as opposed to drastic (and sometimes traumatic and counterproductive) weight loss. The program outlined in Ayurveda in Urban Living allows participants to work in tandem with their unique constitutions and enhance their strengths, optimize their health and achieve lasting weight loss that promotes both of these goals.

The book's five chapters deal respectively with the philosophy and foundations of traditional Ayurveda; understanding kapha dosha balance and imbalance; kapha dosha rebalancing with food regimens; useful yoga postures and routines, and lastly, the four pillars of heath postulated by Ayurveda.

I recommend this very useful book for Ayurvedic practitioners dealing with the overweight client as well as for anyone who wishes to address issues of weight utilizing the safe, time-tested and completely effective modalities of traditional Ayurveda.

Review provided by William Courson, BVSA, D. Ayur., an Ayurvedic Practitioner, faculty member and the College Dean of Institutional Development at Sai Ayurvedic College & Ayurvedic Wellness Center.


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