Introduction to Sanskrit

An introduction to the Sanskrit language, with an emphasis on the technical use of Medical Sanskrit

Sanskrit is the beautiful and expressive language of ancient India that dates back to the Vedic period. Sanskrit is the language of the four Vedas, the various Upanishadic texts, and countless philosophical and spiritual scriptures of the time. Most importantly, Ayurvedic main texts (Samhitas) are written in Sanskrit. The rich body of Sanskrit literature also includes drama and poetry in addition to scientific, religious, technical and philosophical texts.

This workshop course offers a basic introduction to the Sanskrit language, including the Devanagari alphabet, some very basic grammar, and advice on how to use a Sanskrit dictionary. The emphasis in this workshop will be on the technical use of Medical Sanskrit. Sanskrit will be taught in a direct, interactive method. Participants learn the language in a fun filled environment and will be able to converse in very simple Sanskrit by the end of the workshop as well as have a degree of familiarity with technical Sanskrit terms and phrases used in Ayurveda.

Course price includes course manual.
20 hours for Sai Ayurvedic College students currently enrolled.
Foundations of Vedic Gem Crystal & Color Healing.

Cost: $250