Owner´s Story

Sai Ayurvedic began with a vision of healthier living and deeper understanding. After studying Ayurvedic medicine in India, Cookie and Armando Tello wanted to bring that ancient science of life and longevity to the United States. In 2006, they made their dream a reality: Sai Ayurvedic, a wellness center and Ayurvedic school grounded in the traditional principles that have healed minds and bodies for over 6,000 years. Over the years, the school has built a reputation for high standards and outstanding teaching, and like minded people have come from all over the world to study with our Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners.

Sadly, Cookie passed on in 2019. But the Tellos have left their precious school and her invaluable legacy in the trusted hands of two incredibly strong women, Magdala (Maggie) Jaramillo and Cristina Dominguez, who have carried on the love and passion that has driven Sai Ayurvedic since its founding. They bring backgrounds in medicine and healing as well as business and education, and they are committed to make sure Sai Ayurvedic continues to provide the highest-quality Ayurvedic education and support available, while creating bonds of friendship and respect throughout the growing Ayurvedic community.