What students are saying

Jessica Cubbedge

“My journey with Sai Ayurvedic Insitute has been wonderful! The programs are laid out in a way that is user friendly and easy to navigate. The information provided is introduced in a way that makes understanding and learning Ayurveda easy to comprehend and grasp. The instructors are wonderful and are so knowledgeable and they go the extra mile for their students. I could not be more excited. I found Sai Ayurvedic Institute and I am excited to continue my journey there.”

Marjorie Lopez

“Ayurveda can be overwhelming by itself. This is a new language, tied to a different culture that will change our perspective towards what we think is health. But as with all lessons in life, when you are open to receive new knowledge, expand your abilities; you will open the channels of understanding and receive the information. Nevertheless, if you add to the lesson a great teacher with kindness, compassion, intelligence both emotional and intellectual and professional teaching skills, then the education becomes not only fun but effective. That is what I found at SAI Ayurvedic Institute and Maggie Jaramillo. She will take as much time as needed with great skills until everyone in the classroom understands and is ready for the next piece of information. She is a great support throughout the course and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend the course either for your personal knowledge or to develop it as a career; either one is your choice, you will be compelled to spread the word because Ayurveda IS the right way of maintaining optimal health.”

Ivana Kostic

“I did very deep research before I chose Sai as Ayurvedic school. The Sai came at the top 3 Ayurvedic choices in my case because it has a long and good reputation, 3 different programs, including doctorate level, it is NAMA approved, it’s on the East Coast and it offers affordable/flexible payment options. The teachers are very experienced, knowledgeable, available, and always ready to help. It is very easy to sign up online and they respond almost immediately to any inquiries. Currently, I am in my 2nd year with Sai and will continue with the 3rdyear program as well. Being part of Sai feels like having your own community.”