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Study Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Begin: 20th January 2024

Completion of the first 12 months of study leads to certification as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.

Instructions given in that first year program in the element of Ayurveda’s tridoshic theory, Ayurvedic psychology and nutrition, the fundamentals of Ayurveda herbal medicine, detoxification therapies and the application of Ayurvedic treatment principles to commonly encountered health problems.
Study Ayurvedic Practitioner

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Begin: 13th January 2024

The second year of instruction known as Ayurvedic Practitioner includes classes in the more advanced elements of Ayurvedic physiology, pathology, diagnosis, (focusing on clinical pulse diagnosis).

Classes are also given in advanced herbal medicine and formulation. The second year culminates in a series of courses in what is known as Kaya Chikitsa, or internal medicine.

Doctor of Ayurveda

Begin: Winter 2024

The third and final year study leading to the award of the Doctor of Ayurveda Degree consists of 16 months of coursework focusing on the integration of Ayurveda and Western biomedical modalities.  

Students are given a thorough grounding in the disciplines of western medical science to enable them to work with and integrate their approaches with contemporary western biomedicine.

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