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Sai Ayurvedic Institute, named after Sai Baba of Shirdi, spiritual teacher and saint, stands as a private school,  where the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda is imparted with a deep reverence for the spiritual essence that underlies this sacred science.


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Attending this school has taught me so much.
The entire faculty has been so helpful and ready to help me achieve all my goals.
I have learned so much through this journey and fell in love with Ayurveda .

Karolyn Pereira

Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Studying at Sai was a life changing experience with exceptional teachers and a very comprehensive curriculum.

Jamie Chapman

Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Esthetician

Great school for healing arts! As an acupuncture physician.
I was looking for more healing knowledge and Sai has NOT failed me!

Dr. Leslie Ike

Acupuncturist, TCM Doctor

Learning traditional Ayurveda at Sai is giving me the opportunity to expand my massage practice and bring more healing to my clients.

Evangelina Diego

Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist

Sai Ayurvedic Doctor Degree

At Sai Ayurvedic Institute, our educational program is both, sequential and modular, with a combination of virtual and in-person classes.
The complete program consists of 3.5 years of study to be awarded the Doctor of Ayurveda degree.
Students can begin practicing upon successful completion of the first year.

Study Sai Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Sai Ayurvedic Health Counselor
(Year 1)

Instructions given in that first year program in the element of Ayurveda’s tridoshic theory, Ayurvedic psychology and nutrition, the fundamentals of Ayurveda herbal medicine, detoxification therapies and the application of Ayurvedic treatment principles to commonly encountered health problems.

Study Sai Ayurvedic Practitioner

Sai Ayurvedic Practitioner
(Year 2)

The second year includes classes in the more advanced elements of Ayurvedic physiology, pathology, diagnosis, (focusing on clinical pulse diagnosis). Classes are also given in advanced herbal medicine and formulation. The second year culminates in a series of courses in what is known as Kaya Chikitsa, or internal medicine.

Study Sai Doctor of Ayurveda

Sai Doctor of Ayurveda
(Year 3)

Doctor of Ayurveda Degree consists of 16 months of coursework focusing on the integration of Ayurveda and Western biomedical modalities. Students are given a thorough grounding in the disciplines of western medical science to enable them to work with and integrate their approaches with contemporary western biomedicine.

Online Programs

Study at your own rhythm, in the comfort of your house or office.

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