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Sai Ayurvedic Institute is a private school for Ayurvedic Medicine, post-secondary degree-granting institution teaching the ancient scientific principles and practices of Ayurveda. It is recognized by the Florida Department of Education and Florida Commission on Independent Education under the authority of Florida State Statutes, Section 1005.06.

School for Ayurvedic Medicine en Florida, USA

Our training programs for Ayurvedic Health Counselors, Ayurvedic Practitioners and Ayurvedic Doctors have been reviewed and recognized for professional membership by the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals in North America (AAPNA). We provide authentic education in a supportive environment that encourages the integration of Ayurveda by individuals into their daily lifestyles and by health care professionals into their clinical practices. At Sai Ayurvedic Institute, we use the time-honored Vedic approach to education, teaching from an oral tradition based on personal growth through spirituality. 

The teacher shares knowledge and experiences that help the student learn the theory and practices of Ayurveda. In our school of Ayurvedic Medicine, each student learns Ayurvedic principles and practices that, when integrated into their lives, bring peace and balance to the body, mind and soul. We provide an environment in which the student can find the freedom to learn and make choices that promote self-healing.

SAI - School for Ayurvedic Medicine was created by a team of international faculty, this course was created specifically by Ayurvedic professionals with educational experience in India, as well as American-trained doctors teaching American students. The course has been further adapted to the educational standards of the United States, assisting students with state-specific credentialing issues so that they can practice what they learn. The course has also integrated common elements of the highest standard of medical education in the US, using case-based studies, some problem-based learning modules, presentations, and advanced audiovisual materials. 

The course is designed to produce holistic health practitioners and clinicians as well as lifestyle counselors, while complementing any health professional licensing a student may already have earned. The 24-month course offers the highest level of Ayurveda education and training available outside of India.

The course is designed to produce holistic health practitioners and clinicians as well as lifestyle counselors


  • Provide authentic Ayurvedic education
  • Understand the mind-body-spirit connection 
  • Reveal the ancient wisdom for optimal health 
  • Expand the awareness of Ayurveda from East to West


ADDRESS: 1882 Tyler Street, Hollywood, FL 33020, USA
PHONE: +1 (305) 725-2919

SAI is member of NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association)

SAI Ayurvedic Institute is a private, post secondary degree – granting institution recognized by the Florida department of education and Florida commission on independent education under the authority of Florida state statutes, section 1005.06 and is an approved continuing education provider by the state of Florida.