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Tuition: U$250 One time fee
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Modality: 100% online
Duration: Lifetime access

The Bach Flower Essences is a unique system of healing that employs one or more of the 38 remedies on the basis of mental and emotional status rather than disease symptoms seen in clients. It is used around the world today with startling success by physicians, nurses, social workers, psychotherapists, educators and parents. The Bach flower remedies are an excellent complementary modality to existing wellness practices.

This online workshop is an in-depth course in the Bach method of healing. Participants in this course will be prepared to utilize the remedies for themselves, family, friends and clients, and to compound remedies for constitutional, chronic, sub-acute and acute states, as well as astrologically derived formulations using the clientโ€™s birth horoscope. No previous knowledge of astrology is required.

Course includes:

  • Course manual.
  • Access to training videos.
  • None

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