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The Schuessler Cell Salt Remedies will provide a basic understanding of the theory and practical applications of the system of Schuessler Cell Salt Therapy, also known as Biochemic Medicine.

Biochemical tissue salts (or cell salts) are natural preparations which have a wide range of uses. They are essentially minerals prepared in a minute, energetic, biochemical form. Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler of Oldenburg in Germany, a leading biochemist, physicist, and homeopath of his time, believed that for any medicinal treatment to be effective, it should be directed towards the cell itself.

Schuessler maintained that disease manifests when a deficiency of certain minerals in the body reaches critical levels, and so he developed the 12 tissue-salt remedies to balance the deficiencies. Furthermore, there is a link between the resonance and frequency of the 12 tissue salts and our chakras, meridians, and our mental states of being and emotions.

Course includes:

  • Course manual.
  • A detailed discussion of the Schuessler salts as topical applications in massage therapy and bodywork.
  • None

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